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Next Generation of Rainwater


Colour fastness, or the benefits of Co-Extrusion

Next generation of rainwater

We are committed to product developments, which will give you, as an installer or property owner, real benefits.

In the past we have witnessed how colour fastness of dark colours can be difficult to sustain over long periods of time. UV degradation and airborne pollutants can add to the erosion of the gutter's colour. Even though it rarely affects the product's function and performance, we understand that as a home owner you care about the looks and aesthetics as well.

We as a company believe in continuous improvement of product and process quality. To face the problems we had, we introduced a new technology called co-extrusion. This "Next Generation of Rainwater" enables our already high standards to be further enhanced.
With our co-extruded gutters, the inner layer is colour co-ordinated with the outer to give you an excellent finish. Co-extrusion therefore enables Hunter to ensure our range of fittings have a closer colour and gloss match to the extruded lengths, giving you what you want - attractive, effective, excellent quality rainwater systems.


What is the co-extrusion process?

Co-Extrusion process Next generation of rainwater

Gutters and downpipes are normally manufactured using a process called extrusion. Co-extrusion is a process whereby two different materials are extruded at the same time to manufacture a single product, which consists of an inner and outer layer.
The outer layer or "skin" is made from a high performance material, which ensures colour fastness of light and dark colours and even greater weathering performance.


Why co-extrude?

  • Higher gloss finish
  • Greater weathering performance
  • Consistent match with pipes and fittings
  • No increase in production or finished product cost

Which ranges are available with the benefits of co-extrusion?

Three of our Rainwater Profiles are currently co-extruded and we are looking at extending our unique technology to the rest of our portfolios.
Click to learn more about the characteristics, sizes, colours and benefits of each of the ranges:

  • Regency - gutter and downpipe, available since January 2011
  • 125 - gutter and downpipe (82mm)
  • Deepflow 150 - gutter and downpipe
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